I am the Counsellor for people who have been through tough times and are ready to live life their way and thrive.
I have my own stories and experiences with overcoming that strengthens my practice and ability to understand and support others.


I work successfully with people who have been through tough times due to: anxiety and depression; abuse and trauma experiences, particularly child sexual abuse; food, weight, body issues; chronic illness; and making a stand to be who you ‘really’ are more of the time. I frequently hear that my style works for those that have seen multiple helping professionals and are yet to have the resolutions they seek.

I truly believe that once you discover your way for living well anything becomes possible.

(no matter what you have overcome or continue to live with)

Counselling and Opening to Mindfulness sessions, including one-off’s, are available face-to-face in Adelaide CBD (Australia) or via Skype.

Call me on 0422 888 157 or email ellie@anemergentlife.com to confirm that I am the person for you and book in.


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This website was created by Ellie Hodges. Whilst Ellie is a Counsellor and writes from her professional and lived experiences, the content must be viewed in the broader context of your particular circumstances and needs. Professional advice specific to yourself is always recommended. If you are worried for yourself or someone else you know and care about please reach out and seek support. Other support options are: Beyond Blue; Lifeline; and the Butterfly Foundation.